Konavle countryside & lunch

This tour offers an insight into domestic food production. Konavle is a farming area where agriculture and tourism are the main economies; families are still fostering their local products for selling and own purposes.

We will drive through Konavle valley which was a border territory between Dubrovnik Republic and Venice for centuries. This is where we have wine tasting. The wines offered are of different origins, domestic and foreign but grown in this beautiful region.

Following wine tasting our trip takes us to Sokol Kula, a fortress used by former rulers for defence and control. Then we go for lunch to a domestic restaurant. After the lunch we will take you back to your apartment and let you enjoy the rest of the day.



9:00 – Departure from Dubrovnik

9:40 – Drive through Konavle valley

10:00 – Arrival to the location for degustation

11:00 – Departure for Sokol Grad

11:20 – Arrival to Sokol Grad

12:30 – Arrival at the local restaurant

14:30 – Departure for Dubrovnik


Included: Transfer, driver/guide, fees for degustation and lunch

Local currency: Kuna/HRK

The schedule is flexible and the tour has to be booked at least a day or two in advance.


*Note: The tour is available from 01.05.-01.10. Other dates are on demand.


*The basic price for a private tour is 1800 HRK (244 €) – The prices for the lunch menus + degustation and Sokol Grad entrance fee are on demand